History of Plays International & Europe

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The origins of Plays International & Europe go back to the monthly magazine Plays and Players, first published in 1953 as part of the Hansom Books Seven Arts Group of magazines, providing regular reviews of theatrical events in Great Britain. The editor of Plays and Players from 1963 to 1983 was Peter Roberts, who also edited the Methuen-published book called The Best of Plays and Players. In 1984 Peter Roberts became editor of the successor magazine Plays International, which continued the tradition of publishing theatre reviews alongside photographic illustrations of the shows and actors involved. In 2016  publication of the magazine, then in its 31st volume, was taken over by the Theater Research Institute of Europe, based in Luxembourg, and the title amended to Plays International and Europe, retaining the same ISSN number. Dr Dana Rufolo, an expert on theatre studies and former contributor, took over as new chief editor.  


Since then, the magazine has continued to thrive, providing review articles of current theatre shows, illustrated by production photographs, and feature articles covering theatrical subjects. It features complete listings of London theatre shows. Its audience is the theatre-going public and academic researchers in the field of drama. Regular, excusive features series cover topics of interest to the world of theatre, such as interviews with renowned theatre directors, playwrights and theatre photographers.