The Spring issue of the year 2021 of Plays International & Europe again offers plenty to take our minds of the pandemic. One of the few live performances beating the lockdown, which took place at the Hampstead theatre, is reviewed. A highlight is the interview of Phyllida Lloyd by our correspondent Jeremy Malies.  In Europe, English languages theatres have along tradition and play unique role, and three are looked at more closely.

Further afield, we are updated by John Freedman on that very special venture Insulted. Belarus, written by Andrej Kureichik, which has been circling the globe from digital platforms for its Worldwide Readings. Natalia Isaeva reviews the 7 Deaths of Maria Callas  performed at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich. And in Canada, Malcolm Page looks at the variety of theatres in Vancouver City.

These are just examples from the Spring 2021 issue, much more is inside for you to enjoy.


                                             Dana Rufolo, editor-in-chief