In the Winter issue 2020 Plays International & Europe is offering something very special: the complete play Insulted. Belarus written by Andrej Kureichik and translated by John Freedman. It is a platform for protest, an alternative to physical demonstrations against injustice. You and your theatre company are invited to participate in the Insulted. Belarus Worldwide Readings.

We are still fully in a pandemic, and theatres remain closed. A few shows are reviewed that have made it against the odds. As our critic Jay Paul Skelton puts it, the experience consists not only of the play, but of everything around attending a theatre performance in the midst of a pandemic.  The navigation of public transport, the carefully staggered audience arrival times, the taking of temperatures as you enter the building, the mandatory wearing of face masks, the tentative order for a glass of wine or freshly baked treat from the bar, and the ongoing dance of social distancing at every turn can overwhelm the actual performance.

The issue in addition offers an insider look at this year’s Venice Biennale, an article on the contemporary Serbian director, Igor Vuk Torbica, an article on twentieth century designer John Truscott, and a long article on the fascinating history of the Vancouver Arts Club theatre Company. We were lucky to catch a few shows to review in the UK, the European continent, and Canada. Interesting reports on the first European Theatre Forum, and the 2020 European capitals of culture, round out the issue.

So, once again, if you can’t go to the theatre, let Plays International & Europe bring theatre to you.

                                             Dana Rufolo, editor-in-chief