The theatre magazine Plays International & Europe is a unique source on theatre performances worldwide. It is now in its 36th volume, appearing quarterly.

Plays International & Europe is owned and published by Theater Research Institute of Europe (TRIE asbl), registered in Luxembourg. The magazine is printed in Britain and has an international subscription base, as well as being available at selected bookshops.

PIE reports on London's West End theatre, subsidized theatre and fringe theatre, in the form of illustrated reviews and in-depth interviews with dramatists, directors and actors involved in current productions. It also reports on theatre across the UK, Europe (Dublin to Moscow) and across North America (New York to L.A., Toronto to Vancouver). In addition PIE covers many other theatre hotspots from Israel to Australia.

As things return to near-normal, PIE is once again able to put readers up to date on live performances as they happen. Special reports include a view on a European Theatre Forum Project called Renaissance,  a feature on Japan's popular theatre form taishū engeki, and a review of a unique book on the history of Romanian theatre.